Our hearts go out to all those affected by the closure of Iowa Wesleyan. 帮助那些受影响的人, we have created the IW Match program, where Iowa Wesleyan students can transfer to Millikin with no additional out-of-pocket tuition costs. 欲知详情,请浏览 studyabroad.eeraacademy.com/IWMatch.


艺术学院 & 科学

Millikin's 艺术学院 & 科学 offers undergraduate programs that prepare students to perform their knowledge as life-long learners while providing them with the tools and experience for future success.

Whether you plan to pursue a degree in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences, you will get the chance to take part in real-world, 动手的机会, both in and out of the classroom.

学校 & 部门

  • woman reading in classroom


    Explore the connections between mind, 行为与社会, get involved with meaningful causes and deepen your understanding of society and the individuals within.
  • 实验室的学生


    Experience the broad scope and diversity of modern biology through research, internships and hands-on studies and gain skills to develop your career in the life sciences.
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    Become skilled in hands-on scientific practices, theories and graduate-level research in preparation for fields including medicine, chemical engineering and more.
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    Immerse yourself in great literary works of the past and present while developing versatile communication skills that will prepare you for a future in writing, 编辑, 出版或教学.
  • 环境研究 Major


    Analyze all aspects of the natural world around you on local and global scales with this flexible, interdisciplinary program.
  • 学生群体

    历史 & 政治科学

    Understand political environments at both the domestic and international level as you pursue opportunities in government, pre-law and social sciences.
  • 数学教育

    数学 & 计算科学

    Develop your quantitative and analytical mathematical skills into abilities you can apply in graduate school, data and computer sciences and to teaching.
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    Expand your worldview and take on complex intellectual challenges that will prepare you for graduate studies, law school or to take an alternate approach to arts, 业务, 科学与人文.
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    Enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills while building a strong scientific foundation for your future career by studying physics or pre-engineering.
  • Ken Laundra and Jorge Chavez

    社会学 & 刑事司法

    Prepare yourself for a profession in social service, 公共政策, law enforcement and more with programs designed to foster understanding of diversity, inclusion and social issues.
  • 学生关注的焦点

    A great deal of Jarius’s time and studies are dedicated toward researching rhabdomyosarcoma, a disease which affected his brother Jaylon, who passed away in 2008. To hear more about Jarius's research and his involvement at Millikin, visit studyabroad.eeraacademy.com/Jarius.

  • 性能学习

    Whether you plan to pursue a degree in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences, you will get the chance to take part in real-world, 动手的机会, both in and out of the classroom. 

    性能的学习 is at the center of everything we do at Millikin. 


    Millikin's small class sizes allow students to work side-by-side with faculty to conduct graduate-level research early in their college career. Our students receive guidance and support every step of the way as they develop innovative ideas and perform groundbreaking research that will prepare them for their future careers.

    Millikin’s diverse student organizations allow students to get actively involved in service, leadership and collaboration. 学生s consistently take home top honors in the state, including awards from the Model Illinois Government, 模拟法庭比赛, Ethics Bowl and Illinois College Press Association.

  • 艺术 & 科学设施

    From the $29 million Center for Theatre & Dance housing our nationally recognized programs to the 1,903-seat Kirkland Auditorium where our mainstage productions shine — from Perkinson Music Center, the home to the only all-Steinway school in Illinois, to Millikin’s retail art gallery Blue Connection, our students perform their passions in innovative, real-world spaces starting on day one.

    • 大学公共


      The 大学公共 is home to Staley图书馆, 共同点, 米利金餐厅, classrooms and collaboration spaces, all making it the hub for Millikin students.
    • 先令大厅


      Millikin's oldest building, 先令大厅 is the familiar face of Millikin University. 先令大厅 is filled with history while supporting Millikin students through the learning of today.
    • math-equation-writing-on-board


      The 数学中心 helps students excel in their math programs whether they are math majors or just needing a prerequisite.